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Temporal Forces – Prerelease 3

Join us for our Temporal Prereleases and see just how many buddy poffins you can pull… the person who pulls the most gets a special prize!

Date and time

Saturday 16th March at 11:00 am

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About the event

Tickets are priced at £25 with members getting their usual 10% discount, we have a maximum of 32 spaces available, possibly open to more if we fill all the slots early!

Each ticket will include a pre release pack, 2 extra boosters and a booster added to the prize pool.

A pre release pack contains one of 4, 40 card decks to act a base for players to build their deck from, and 4 booster packs to be able to add some new cards to their deck and attempt to take home the win in this sealed event.

We recommend that players bring along card sleeves with them, enough to sleeve a 40-card play deck – or pick some up from the store before the event.

The pre release will start at 11pm and players will have 40 minutes to open their new packs, curate their decks, sleeve them and get ready for battle.

This format is played slightly smaller than standard – you will build a 40 card deck, and play with only 4 prize cards with each round being a best of 3.

 If you don’t have a Pokémon player ID not to fear! We will happily sign you up for one in store.