Pokémon League Rankings

Over the course of 2024, we are tracking each players tournament points they earn (3 for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss) and adding them up over the 12 month period. This includes every event we host at Sanctuary Gaming Centre.

The closing deadline for the tracking of these stats is December 31st 2024. After this point, the top 8 players will be invited to a free-to-play elimination event where each of the players will take home an ETB at minimum and the winner will win a stash of goodies from this years releases, with a booster box or 2 booster bundles or ETB from each release over the 2024 period going into the jackpot!

This elimination tournament will take place in January 2025 Over the course of 1 day and will be live-streamed. If you do not want to take part in the league or do not want to play in the elimination tournament yet you make the top 8 ranking players, your space will be handed down to the next available player. The exact date is TBC, but we are expecting it to take place on a Saturday or Sunday in early Janurary 2025.

Current Prize Pool

Currently the winner of the 2024 season will receive the following prizes at a minimum:

  • 1x Paldean Fates ETB
  • 1x Temporal Forces Booster Box
  • 1x Twilight Masquerade Booster Box (TBC)

More items will be added to this list as more items get released during the 2024 season.

Current Top 8 Prizes

Current ETBs that are available for the remaining top 7 places to win:

  • 2x Paldean Fates ETB
  • 2x Temporal Forces ETB (1 of each variant)
  • 2x Twilight Masquerade ETB (1 of each variant tbc)

Current Standings

1Rhys Spinks206
2Daniel Sheehan178
3James Duff171
4Joe Rutter166
5Aston Russell157
6Rachael Bacon155
7Kate Wright149
8Adam Bakewell148
9Beth Burgin122
10Kate Viande105
11Lee Corbet98
12Morgan Allatt95
13Lisa Morgan95
14Melody English-Gent88
15Charlotte Duncalf73
16Ben Lovegrove69
17Samuel Haynes66
18Theo Sturgess55
19Nathaniel Lincoln53
20Karl Thorn-spours51
21Sebastian Kazandis51
22Jack Broddle50
23Alfie Pilgrim47
24John Evans45
25Lily Metcalf42
26Paul Sturgess41
27Cascade Ward37
28Aaron Turton32
29Frankie Pilgrim31
30Trent Evans31
31Ben Bailey29
32Kieran Moore28
33Tony Hales20
34Owen Betteridge18
35Liam Woods18
36Jacob John17
37Adam Brooke16
38Dan Martin15
39James Hennel12
40Matt Cutts10
41Calvin Lee8
42Sam Wesson7
43Katie Louise6
44Myles Herbert6
45Nick Cox5
46Dan Hallam5
47Shain-Ann Haggerty5
48Alastor Smith4
49Ethan Oakton4
50Kitty Hendriks3
51Luke Walker2
52Jake Liam1
53Duncan Cummings1
54Allan Metcalf0
55Anthony Woods0