A Card Game That Is Literally Unique In Every Way!

KeyForge has finally landed and it is getting a great reception.

What sets KeyForge apart from any other game in the world? KeyForge is the first of a new breed of game from Fantasy Flight Games—the Unique Game, and specifically, a Unique Deck Game. Unique Games can take many forms, but what this means for KeyForge is that every deck in existence is utterly unique and different from every other deck.

There is no drafting, deckbuilding, or boosters; every Archon Deck is complete and cannot be changed. This is part of the challenge—using only the tools at your disposal, you must best your opponent in a game of tactics. Power does not come from a single card, but rather in how the cards within a deck play off one another, just like how a team is defined by how players interact rather than by a single star.

You begin your adventures with the KeyForge: Call of the Archons Starter Set, which includes everything two players need to throw themselves into the world of the Crucible. As you can see above, you’ll find tokens, two starter decks (the only fixed, standardized decks in the game), and two Archon Decks that remain a mystery to the world until you open them up and peer inside.

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